China Rich Shipping is committed to deliver excellent standard of all logistics related services to our valuable customers for all types of vessels calling Hong Kong or major China Ports:-


  1. Ship agency services
    1. Discharging and loading
    2. Husbandry matters
    3. Ship spare parts handling
    4. Ship delivery / redelivery attendance
    5. Crew handling including China visa application for all nationalities
    6. Hong Kong waters transit to / from China
    7. Bunkering and marine fuel supplies co-ordination
    8. Cargo survey, draft survey and on and off hire survey co-ordination
  2. Ship personnel embarkation / disembarkation at off-port-limit of Hong Kong, i.e. Superintendent
  3. Drydocking co-ordination
  4. Emergency harbour repairs and ship repairs and maintenance co-ordination
  5. Shipbrokering
  6. Ship chartering
  7. Stevedoring
  8. Marine consultancy



    • Protective supervision agency services in Southern China ports
    • Drydock and repair
      • We can arrange vessel’s emergency repair / dockage on the first priority at any China ports through our good relationship with various docks in China.